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Easy Steps to a Healthy Wedding.

Weddings are all about perfection, the perfect ceremony, the perfect venue and the perfect bride. But this can all come at a high cost and not just to your bank balance. Crash diets, high stress, anxiety and undue pressure all add up to create a health debt that continues long after the big day.

The good news is it’s not difficult to look beautiful both inside and out on your wedding day if you focus on 3 key areas, and these are:
1. staying healthy with good nutrition
2. staying motivated with simple coaching techniques
3. staying calm with the ancient art of yoga.

Staying Healthy With Good Nutrition

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. If you follow these easy steps you will be well on your way to looking and feeling the best you ever.
• Don’t crash diet – remember for healthy and sustainable weight loss 2lbs a week is realistic.
• Drink about 2 litres of water a day
• Eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables – these will contain a wealth of antioxidants that destroy free radicals that damage cells.
• Eat regularly throughout the day – breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. This ensures that your blood sugar levels are kept stable throughout the day. This is crucial for general well being and key to weight loss. Chiray have designed a great organic snack range in 3 delicious flavours – Cheeky Chomp, Super Snack and Chunky Mix. These are packed full of protein and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.
• Never skip breakfast – especially not on your wedding day!
• Have a little protein at every meal and snack (e.g. chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, pulses, tofu)
• If you have a juicer or live/work near a juice bar incorporate a daily juice. Avoid too much fruit and focus more on vegetables (especially greens). For example cucumber, celery, spinach, apple and ginger make a great juice packed full of nutrients.
• Add in some superfoods – a teaspoon each of Chiray Supergreens and Berrylicious mixed in with a little juice pack a mighty superfood punch. The combination will give you an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fight off those free radicals and keep you looking beautiful. They also have powerful alkalising properties to keep you in good health.
• Avoid – caffeine, alcohol, sugar and too much salt.
• Go easy on carbohydrates (especially biscuits, crisps, cakes, sweets, pastries etc) and always use whole grains e.g. brown rice and wholemeal pasta

• Include some good oils in your diet. Coconut, flax, olive and hemp oil are good choices. Use them to dress salads or pour over food once it’s been cooked. Also include a daily fish oil supplement as this is an excellent source of Omega 3. Research suggests that Omega 3 can aid weight loss and has a host of other benefits. The product we suggest at Chiray is Krill Oil.

Staying Motivated

To keep yourself motivated it’s important to set goals. Your wedding is your long term goal, but to keep yourself on track you need to set weekly goals so you have something more realistic to aim for. Each week set a weight loss goal (if appropriate), a health goal (e.g. you may want to improve your skin by drinking more water) and an exercise goal. Make sure these goals are realistic. It’s also important to give yourself a weekly reward to keep you motivated – just make this doesn’t involve food or drink!

Hold an image in your head of how you would like yourself to look and feel on your wedding day. Every day visualise this image and know that by keeping focused on your goals you are moving ever closer to this image.
Beliefs guide our decisions and behaviour. So in your quest for super health and a super look, ensure limiting beliefs are not holding you back. For example a limiting belief may be “I can’t do this, I haven’t got time.” Instead of focusing on this, concentrate on an empowering alternative e.g. “I know this is just an excuse, I will work on way s to create more time for myself. I shall prioritise my health and well being.”

Staying Calm with Yoga

To help you glide into your wedding day in a more Zen like way, try practicing some pre-wedding yoga. If you’ve never tried it before you’ll be surprised at how effective it is for combating stress and nerves. This ancient practice has a wealth of benefits including promoting calm, aiding weight loss, toning and improving flexibility, improving digestion and Wedding Catering

balancing hormones. A class also provides a quiet space for you to take some time out of your busy schedule.
If you’ve never tried yoga before there are many of different varieties, so you may need to try a few classes before you find one you like. For a practice that helps to balance and harmonise mind, body and spirit try to find a class that incorporates Hatha poses, deep relaxation, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation.

Please see the Chiray website for details of yoga classes, workshops and retreats.
If you follow these 3 steps you’ll be well on track to achieving optimum health, your ideal weight, increased energy, glowing skin, a calm mind and a healthy libido! Start your married life on a natural high!

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